Red Spain Training Kit 2016

Royal Spanish Football Federation(RFEF) and Adidas jointly announced that they would extend the agreement until 2026. Adidas will continue to provide sportswear for Spain national football team, and women’s team, youth national football teams and Spain national futsal team in the future. Not only Spain match jerseys but also training kits are provided by the giant Adidas for hard-working players.

The close cooperation, between the RFEF and Adidas, has been successful since 1980s. For example, Spain national team got successive champions in 2008, 2010, and 2012 UEFA European Championships, so Adidas got substantial revenue accordingly.

Football in Spain is more and more popular among a lot of fans. They buy everything to support the team. If you want to select a high-quality but low-cost football shirt, FC Kingdom will be your best choice. So hurry and purchase yours today!

Expertly manufactured by the world-famous sportswear brand Adidas, the 2016 training kit includes a red training top and blue shorts. The top features a stand collar with gold and blue design details, which will offer supreme warmth and comfort. Adidas logo and the team badge are all gold to represent the traditional Spanish colors. The five-pointed star represents the championship of the World Cup. The sleeves boast a 3/4 length style which is red in color and complete with a lower tight sleeve that is blue in color. The unique style is so eye-catching.

There is an elastic waistband on the shorts in order to fit every one perfectly.

Adidas Climacool technology can keep player cool and comfortable when they are in motion. Climacool is a sweat-wicking fabric which is designed to absorb excess sweat from your skin, so the sweat can evaporate quickly to ensure players in a great comfortable condition and to help them reach the best performance.

Denmark Training Kit 2016 Red

The Danes, as everyone knows, are crazy about football. They often watch football games at the stadium with their family members on weekends in order to cheer on the team they support all the time. When Denmark national team won the first champion of European Football Championship in 1992, the Danes called for the day as a national statutory holiday. There was a stunning thing that the fans of Denmark national team on the plane persuaded the captain to take a detour over the venue on the day of the Final. Nowadays, almost every city of the country has a world-class stadium and nearly 300,000 individuals are involved in football, which we can know that how passionate the Danes are.

Danish football fans are called Roligans. They are all gentle and peaceful in daily life but crazy at stadiums. It is said that they are the pioneers who design a special facial makeup with the national flag and the team flag.

Enthusiastic fans watch each game and buy everything about the national team. This training kit 2016 is one of the best-selling products. Fans wear it to support Denmark national team.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the training top is predominately red and features a black stand collar. The team badge is printed on the cheat showing respect for the team. The black pants with an elastic waistband are warm and comfortable. The training kit is to be the last design Adidas created after 12 years because the team returns to Hummel that is a Danish sportswear brand. Its name was derived from the popular Hamburg greeting (“Hamburger Gruß”), which is known throughout northern Germany.

France Training Kit 2016 Black/Blue

France hosted 2016 UEFA European Championship. UEFA — the Union of European Football Associations— is the governing body of European football and the umbrella organization for 55 national football associations across Europe. Its headquarters are located in Nyon, Switzerland. It is a continental confederation of the world football governing body FIFA.

The final of 2016 UEFA European Championship was held in Stade de France, which is the national stadium of France and is the sixth-largest stadium in Europe. It can seat 80,000 people when there is a game. Stade de France was built for 1998 France FIFA World Cup and the big success came in this year that France won the match 3-0 to claim the World Cup for the first time.

Furthermore, Stade de France had witnessed Zinedine Zidane’s last battle. He has played a hundred games for national team and ended his sports career as a footballer in the stadium.

France national team is one of the excellent football teams all over the world and well known for its both offensive and defensive football style. Its jerseys or kits are particularly popular among big football fans. France Training Kit 2016 Black/Blue has black body and blue sleeves with a stand collar design. These design details are special and look handsome. Nike Swoosh and the logo of the FFF are shown on the long-sleeve shirt and pants.

Designers of Nike will take environmental protection into consideration when they create new products. In addition, each kit is made using approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. Nike has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches.

Federico Fazio | Argentine Footballer

Federico Fazio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 17 1987. Fazio started learning football when he was young. In 2005, he became a professional football player of the Primera B Nacional with Ferro Carril Oeste. For his outstanding performance and unremitting efforts, he was bought by a Spanish club Sevilla FC in 2007. For the absences of two football players, he took an important position in the football team, obtaining the qualification to the UEFA cup. In 2007, he accomplished the first appearance with the main squad in August.

In the next year, the football team finished at the third place but Fazio with slightly less and saw time at both places. Due to severe injuries, he only participated in ten league matches. In August, 2014, Fazio signed a four-year contract with the Tottenham Hotspur for a large sum of transfer fee. In 2016, he was loaned to A.S. Roma with Italians, in which he got the opportunity to become a regular member of the football club for €3.2 million.

Gabriel Mercado

Gabriel Mercado is a young but excellent footballer of the Argentina national football team. He was born in Puerto Madryn, Argentina on 18 March 1987. Before play for Racing Club, Mercado started learning football when he was young. In 2017, he accomplished his professional appearance in a match with San Lorenzo. For superb talents and hard work, he became a regular member of the football club. In July, 2010, he transferred to Estudiantes de La Plata for $800,000. Then, he reached an agreement with River Plate in 2012 for better development.

After a short time, he transferred to La Liga side Sevilla from River Plate by manager Jorge Sampaoli to take the place of previous captain Coke. Having lived up to expectations of all, he win his first goal for the team in September of the same year. In 2010, he earned his first cap, on behalf of the Argentina national football team, at an international football match. Many loyal fans believed that he could become an outstanding and superb professional football players after a period.

Estadio Libertadores de América

The Estadio Libertadores de Améric is a famous football stadium of a world-class football club Independiente, with a capacity of 57,000 spectators. The name of football stadium has been changed in 2005. Due to two roofs hanging over all spectators, the football stadium is known as “The double cement visor”. The old football pitch was located at Ricardo Bochini, having been built in 1928, with a capacity of 52,823 spectators, of which 27,863 are tickets for seats.

The football stadium was closed in December 2006 and demolished in the next year. Newly built football stadiums was opened in 2009, equipping with advanced fundament infrastructures, modern sports facilities, large digital and high-fidelity screens, which allow spectators enjoy some wonderful scenes and quick actions clearly.

In addition these high-tech facilities, the supporting equipment of the Estadio Libertadores de Améric is more sound than the previous football stadium, including a restaurant with a superb view of the stadium as enjoying lovely meals.

La Bombonera

The La Bombonera is an association football stadium, locating in La Boca, Buenos Aires and with a capacity of 49,000. La Bombonera means “The chocolate box” in English. The chocolate box is known for its unique shape – one flat stand and three steep stands. It is the property of a top football club Boca Juniors in Argentina. This novel design produced a superb acoustic effects, which are far better than other football stadiums.

Although there is a small football pitch in the minimum size under FIFA’s related standards. Both interior and exterior of the grand football stadium are adorned by murals, which include various famous and legendary footballers and some pictures reflecting local culture. Many matches of national team has been hold at the football stadium, including preliminaries of the FIFA World Cup. The football team has participated in many competitions from the 1920s to the mid-1970s. After football stadium’s renovation, Argentina Football Association (AFA) has hold numerous competitions at the football stadium.

José Amalfitani Stadium

José Amalfitani Stadium is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the vicinity of Liniers railway station. It is widely taken as a famous football stadium of Argentina. Many home competitions of the Argentine Primera División club Vélez Sársfield were hold at the football stadium. The original wood stadium was built from 1941 to 1943 while today’s facility was built with cement from 1947 to 1951. In order to host the 1978 FIFA World Cup successfully, the old football stadium was refurbished after 26 years.

The football stadium can accommodate 49,540 spectators at a time, but it will not provide seats for all spectators as other football stadiums in Argentina. Prior to purchase a plot to build the José Amalfitani Stadium, Vélez Sársfield hosted their home competitions on a rented football pitch, in the vicinity of Villa Luro. Due to relegation from the Argentine Primera División, Vélez was not quality enough to rent the football pitch. Although the conditions for construction were difficult, the president led the construction project at the site. Finally, the stadium opened on Apr. 11, 1943.

Russia Training Kit 2016 Blue

As a sponsor of the Russia national football team, Adidas published new blue training kit in 2016, helping players outdoing their best performance at fierce competitions. The blue Russia training kit adopts stand collar and special tailored sleeves. White logo of Adidas and “two-head eagle” are printed on the upper left and upper right respectively. The sleeves are spliced by two different parts. At the end of first part, there are red and white stripes.

The pants adopt dark blue as its main color. The white logo of Adidas and “two-head eagle” are printed on the left and right leg respectively. The waist adopts horizontal white and red stripes and black strings, which could be used to regulate the size of pants to fit different needs of players.

The association crest of Russian Football Union are white. “Two-head eagle” is a classic symbol of Russia, showing its national prides and national confidence to all people. “Two-head eagle” is capped with three crowns, and at the center of an association crest, a man riding on the back of a white horse is striking. Besides, there are many Russia football shirt could be found in Fc kingdom.

As a loyal fan of Russia national football team, I really hope they’ll outdo their best performance at every sports event. High quality football training kit is a prerequisite of perfect performance at international competitions.


Italy Training Kit 2016 White

The white Italy training kit published in 2017 adopts bold color combination. Navy blue, green, baby blue, red and white could be found on the training kit. Wide navy blue stripes and thin navy blue stripes are sewed on shoulder parts and cuffs respectively. Short and navy blue zipper inlaid on the front could be used to regulate players’ body temperature when needed. Puma cat and shirt badge of Italy national football team are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively. The capitalized word “Italy” is printed at the center of new training top. Oblique thin grey stripes and wide horizontal stripes are printed on the front, adding energy and power into it.

The waist of pants adopt elastic design to fit different demands of people. The pocket on both sides of pants are sealed with navy blue zipper. Puma cat and shirt badge of Italy national football team are sewed on the left and right leg respectively. At the end of legs, navy blue stripes are used on it once again. Besides, the store also provides various Italy football shirt at the lowest price.

Good quality devices are necessary to players for better performance on football field. Before participating in a significant competition, I’ll purchase a suitable training kit.