Denmark Training Kit 2016 Red

The Danes, as everyone knows, are crazy about football. They often watch football games at the stadium with their family members on weekends in order to cheer on the team they support all the time. When Denmark national team won the first champion of European Football Championship in 1992, the Danes called for the day as a national statutory holiday. There was a stunning thing that the fans of Denmark national team on the plane persuaded the captain to take a detour over the venue on the day of the Final. Nowadays, almost every city of the country has a world-class stadium and nearly 300,000 individuals are involved in football, which we can know that how passionate the Danes are.

Danish football fans are called Roligans. They are all gentle and peaceful in daily life but crazy at stadiums. It is said that they are the pioneers who design a special facial makeup with the national flag and the team flag.

Enthusiastic fans watch each game and buy everything about the national team. This training kit 2016 is one of the best-selling products. Fans wear it to support Denmark national team.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the training top is predominately red and features a black stand collar. The team badge is printed on the cheat showing respect for the team. The black pants with an elastic waistband are warm and comfortable. The training kit is to be the last design Adidas created after 12 years because the team returns to Hummel that is a Danish sportswear brand. Its name was derived from the popular Hamburg greeting (“Hamburger Gruß”), which is known throughout northern Germany.

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