Estadio Libertadores de América

The Estadio Libertadores de Améric is a famous football stadium of a world-class football club Independiente, with a capacity of 57,000 spectators. The name of football stadium has been changed in 2005. Due to two roofs hanging over all spectators, the football stadium is known as “The double cement visor”. The old football pitch was located at Ricardo Bochini, having been built in 1928, with a capacity of 52,823 spectators, of which 27,863 are tickets for seats.

The football stadium was closed in December 2006 and demolished in the next year. Newly built football stadiums was opened in 2009, equipping with advanced fundament infrastructures, modern sports facilities, large digital and high-fidelity screens, which allow spectators enjoy some wonderful scenes and quick actions clearly.

In addition these high-tech facilities, the supporting equipment of the Estadio Libertadores de Améric is more sound than the previous football stadium, including a restaurant with a superb view of the stadium as enjoying lovely meals.

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