Italy Training Kit 2016 White

The white Italy training kit published in 2017 adopts bold color combination. Navy blue, green, baby blue, red and white could be found on the training kit. Wide navy blue stripes and thin navy blue stripes are sewed on shoulder parts and cuffs respectively. Short and navy blue zipper inlaid on the front could be used to regulate players’ body temperature when needed. Puma cat and shirt badge of Italy national football team are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively. The capitalized word “Italy” is printed at the center of new training top. Oblique thin grey stripes and wide horizontal stripes are printed on the front, adding energy and power into it.

The waist of pants adopt elastic design to fit different demands of people. The pocket on both sides of pants are sealed with navy blue zipper. Puma cat and shirt badge of Italy national football team are sewed on the left and right leg respectively. At the end of legs, navy blue stripes are used on it once again. Besides, the store also provides various Italy football shirt at the lowest price.

Good quality devices are necessary to players for better performance on football field. Before participating in a significant competition, I’ll purchase a suitable training kit.

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