Netherlands Training Kit 2016 Blue

Design Details

This training kit published in 2016 is consisted with baby blue training top, matched full black pants. Classic orange and baby blue could be found on the training kit. An inlaid short zipper on the front could be used to regulate players’ body temperature at any time. The unique orange wide stripe are sewed onto shoulder parts. The orange and hollow crest and orange logo of Nike are printed on the upper left and upper right respectively.

Different with training top, the full black pants adopt concise color combination and design. Except for orange logos on it, the rest adopts cool full black. There is a sharp contrast between the training top and pants, also a response to each other in color. Besides, there are many Netherlands football shirt in our online store.

Background Information

The Netherlands national football team stands for the Netherlands in international football. It is supervised by the Royal Netherlands Football Association, the governing body for football in the Netherlands.

The team is orally called Het Nederlands Elftal and Oranje, after the House of Orange-Nassau. Like the country itself, the team is sometimes incorrectly nicknamed as Holland. The Netherlands hold the record for participating in the most World Cup finals without ever winning the tournament.

Good quality devices are necessary to players for better performance on football field. Before participating in a significant competition, I’ll purchase a suitable training kit.

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